Gabrielle F. Culmer
Damp Whisper Press Release

Damp Whisper

Author Gabrielle F. Culmer announces the new release of her second novel Damp Whisper in ebook and printed formats.

Damp Whisper is a descriptive and romantic novel about Amelia, a successful real estate agent in London, in the middle of planning her wedding in the tropics.  An unfortunate event occurs while probating her mother’s estate, and she and her family are forced to guard the family heirlooms in the continent. Luckily, Amelia has the moral support of her fiancé, Lars, an international lawyer, as well as her watchful family who live in the U. K. and Bermuda. Damp Whisper is a suspenseful novel about love and courage while faced with life’s challenges.

Amelia’s courage and appreciation of her loved ones will be remembered.


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