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Voyage and history of early settlers of Eleuthera explored in new book

Author Gabrielle F. Culmer announces publication of ‘The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond’

NEW YORK – In 1648, a group of 70 settlers set sail for the island of Eleutheria. After harsh conditions and strict laws, only 35 settlers remained. Gabrielle F. Culmer’s new book, “The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond: A Genealogical Study of Early Eleutherans” (published by iUniverse), explores the history of the families that decided to settle on what is now a small Bahamian island in search of new opportunities.


Culmer spent years crafting previous historical knowledge and carefully compiling research to clarify myths and examine the lives and genealogy of the small group of early settlers to Eleuthera. Within the pages of “The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond” are photographs of the undeveloped landscape they would have encountered on their expedition as well as details of the lives of the people who journeyed to the unknown island. Culmer provides answers as to why the settlers may have left their homes in Europe, what challenges they faced and how they survived the journey and eventual conditions of the island. Later journeys followed and a witness account depicts the perseverance of early members of the community.


“The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond” was written to assist in the understanding of the unity of different elements of families and learning about ancestors. The book also asserts the existence of those who later settled from other remote territories where records were challenging. Culmer hopes readers take away “an appreciation of the builders of a modern society, their contribution, the concept of voyages of the travelers to Eleuthera and who they were.”


“The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond”

By Gabrielle F. Culmer

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 48 pages | ISBN 9781532054426

E-Book | 48 pages | ISBN 9781532054433

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble



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