Gabrielle F. Culmer

About the Author


   Gabrielle F. Culmer is a self-published fiction author for the past ten years of Easing Distractions (2019), Where Lives Lead (2017), Arrive by Dusk, Restoring Patterns (2016), Damp Whisper, A Matter of Keeping, two collections of poetry, Glenely Bay and Nostalgia from Paris, Blue Streams to Paradise (2006), and a family history travel book, The Eleutherian Voyagers and Beyond (2018). She qualified at universities in New York, Chicago, London and Canterbury, as well as obtaining an executive certificate in International Affairs Advocacy in Geneva in 2017.

She enjoys traveling to London, New York, Paris and Nassau. Gabrielle was raised in Nassau and spent early holidays on Eleuthera and in hotels in New York, and later in London as a teenager. She attended boarding school in Connecticut and later university in Greenwich village, New York. Her background has influenced her novels.

Although receiving a hybrid British and American education, she can recall the British style similar to her parents on the island who were educated in that system, and her early visits to the UK with family. They visited historical landmarks and the ancestral Scottish Highlands. She reminisced about the cuisine and tradition, and her most cherished parts of the UK inspired Damp Whisper, a novel once thought her most major when finished. Culmer was influenced by many novels and classics as a child and at university on the humanities, and individual and society programs, as well as her business and legal studies. New York provided a cultural environment where she cherished the arts, business, theatres, shopping and student life in Greenwich village. She has fond memories of family in New York that inspired her novels, in particular her aunt who worked for the designer Scaasi for decades.

She has been quoted to be a believer in “Write what you know,” as stated in her Archway publishing blog 2018 which started when she studied her O levels, and spoke about Character and Topic development. Also, to “Visualize It” as in her Southern Writers Magazine Suite T blog in May 2018, regarding keeping motivated when writing a novel. She stresses the ability to travel to favorite destinations, and to write from memory or experience. France has also been a central location due to the ability granted to independently write in the country for her early novels.

Overall, her work has been influenced by beaches, resorts, sustainable travel, professional exposure as a child of a fashion boutique owner and a business owner, art exhibits and business studies, as well as outdoor country environments and causes close to her heart. In her spare time, she is committed to fitness, drama, history, attending charity events, as well as horseback riding.