Gabrielle F. Culmer

Easing Distractions

Sequel to Damp Whisper

    In the midst of marital bliss and a new business in London, Amelie-Aurore and Lars are faced with new developments regarding the attempted heist of the family's art collection. To unearth more skepticism new leads take them further afield. Furthermore, an unexpected illness in the family causes more fear and substantiates Amelie's perspective on life. Can she cope with the growing pressure?

    While envisioning a perfect summer season of galas and sporting events and long walks through the countryside, the details that arise from an old case haunt her happiness. Whisked away in the middle of a hectic work season to an exclusive island, she finds solace in Lars and her loved ones. Meanwhile, in London, a mysterious family acquaintance enters the scene. Will she continue to rely on her dependable partner, or will she turn to the unknown for comfort? It is a story about trust, hope and reconciliation.