Gabrielle F. Culmer

A Reshaped View

Sequel to Restoring Patterns!

Kascey Kann is a NYC fashion designer and managing a socially distanced fashion show when she is faced with the breach of cyber security, when she discovers that her data was stolen, and designs have been faked. She must reconstruct her couture line or face the consequences of competing with her own style online. With the help of her faithful staff and loyal husband, they unite to trace the culprits. Her husband, Gradey, is in the process of providing capital for a tech company in the Silicon Valley in dire straits, handling the unexpected illness of a family member, and takes time to resolve her needs.

It is a moving tale about the motivation of two partners during a new era, a new business, a changed city, and protecting against international criminal elements. Kascey and Gradey Chisol are from very privileged backgrounds and must keep their romance and businesses afloat. Their idyllic lifestyle is faced with twists and turns as they battle to keep a life to which they are accustomed. The novel describes picturesque country and ocean scenery in the Cape as well as drives to New England (Maine) and the Catskills to relax. This much needed relaxation rejuvenates their energy as they face a virtual court hearing where she comes face to face with the culprits while finding the creativity for her business in New York. Gradey is a pillar of support as he is inundated with the new management of a tech company in the Silicon Valley and earning the trust of his new staff. The couple yearn for the nostalgia of the past.

You will resonate with them as they fight for survival and the life that they once knew.


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