Gabrielle F. Culmer

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 A Matter of Keeping                


    Crystal Shores is a sparsely inhabited small island village. Mindy's heritage there is significant: she is the product of the area's founding seamen and farmers who settled there during the past two hundred years. As much as Mindy enjoys her quiet life, the pull of the city has become more powerful in recent days. Mindy realizes that she will not be able to pursue her artistic goals should she remain, and she must soon make one of the most important decisions in her life.

   Such is the setting for A Matter of Keeping, the fiction debut by Gabrielle F. Culmer.  Through vivid imagery and colorful character portrayals, the novel delves into the very personal nature of Mindy's thought process. It is by turns engaging, incisive, and moving as it reveals how two families choose to deal with the problems that confront them.