Gabrielle F. Culmer

Damp Whisper

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    Amelia Mullbury, is a wealthy young woman with everything to look forward to in life. Although she still grieves the recent death of her mother and is in the midst of the probate of her mother's estate in France, she takes delight in her fiance, Lars, and her successful real estate career in London. She is surrounded, too, by a warm and loving family including her brother Henry in England, her doting father, Nicholas,  and her grandparents in balmy Bermuda. Amelia basks in the care of this strong support system as she prepares to begin her new life.

   However, a shadow casts over her when she and her family fall victim to a daring theft attempt and with no idea of who could be behind the scheme, Amelia must carry on with her plans for her dream wedding in the tropics. Can she stand up under the stress and the pain?

   Damp Whisper is a story about love and about courage in the face of life's changes. You will remember Amelia and her struggle to claim happiness.



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